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STOP Hating the Rich, Become RICH and Be a Hero



By Dale Szewczyk
Ceo of LyfeHack

It’s funny how humbled people think they are. They say life is more than money. Money isn’t everything. In which I say, quit your job. Tell your bill collectors that money isn’t everything. Money solves a lot of problems, like it or not. Money isn’t the root of all evil, loving it to the point of making a god out of it is.

Being rich in money doesn’t make you a bad person, nor does it make others bad people. When being rich becomes bad is when one uses it for greedy things. Like Donald Trump who tried kicking an old lady out of her home to make room for a parking lot for his casino. Completely different than Tony Robbins who feeds and shelters millions of people around the world every year.

Money is a tool. You can use it for good or bad purposes.

What makes me angry, is when the rich waste it. I feel like they have the tools I need to change the world, and they’re throwing it away. Stop wasting my tools!!!! Like the guy who built  100 million dollar ark. I sure hope he plans on spending the profits on helping others.

With money, we can donate to our favorite charity, build schools and clinics for various topics, we can feed the hungry if we have enough money to not work for a while we can even give our time to help the community.

Money is a blessing. One we get to share with others when we have a lot of it. Never forget that.

I was talking to my Pastor the other day, she has counseled many alcoholics, and she says the nearest clinic for women recovering from alcohol is in Tennessee. I live in Illinois. How sad is that?

There’s a lot of red tape of course. There are people who are trying to get one here. But what if I threw a few million down on it? What if I bought people off for the right reasons, and still kept it legal? I am sure there’s a way.

Money is a great goal as long as you have the right motives. Chase success, because with success you get to be a hero to someone else.

The best lifehack is helping the community.

“If you can dream it, then you can achieve it. You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want.” ~Zig Ziglar.

What are things you do with your money to help the community?

What would you do for the community if only you had the money?

Share your thoughts and experiences!

SAVING PEN | Authors Helping Others


By Dale Szewczyk


As many of you know from my posts on FB (yeah I post a lot), I plan on taking select titles of my stories and donating the money for the purchases to specific causes.

So far, two titles which I am hoping to be some of my best works will be selected. NATIVES, a three-season serial that is a fantasy-steampunk-alternate history about what if the Native Americans won the Indian Wars against the USA. I plan on donating the money to causes that help out families on the reservations and help break alcohol abuse. Two things that continue to grow on the Rez (more on this story later).

And there’s HEARTBEAT. A story about a black elderly woman with dementia who’s found on the street when a rich stranger finds her talking to herself. This mysterious man puts her in a very nice and expensive hospice. She from time to time remembers who she was before, and writes the brief bouts of memory like a novel. As it turns out, she was a famous literary writer, who lived a very painful life in her youth. One point when she was a teen, she had an abortion. Then a few years later, was about to have two more when she’s raped and becomes pregnant from it. She decides not to abort, but the twin daughters lead two completely different lives. One is an example for the pro-life movement, the other an example for the pro-choice.

This is the heart of the story that drives this woman to not only become strong, but to inspire the world through her writing.

Okay, that one, the money will go to three organizations, one of which to the niece of the late MLK Jr. And then to Claire Culwell who is an abortion survivor, and then to Sydna Masse who had an abortion in her youth, and went through hell until finding healing. She now has a ministry that helps post-abortive women heal.

So, there are two things I plan to do, but there’s one more, and this one is the hard one. I am outlining a story called, ONE MORE TIME, it’s a story that is much like the Ferguson shooting, only I cover both sides of the issue. I show the worst and the best of both sides, and bring the very good together in an effort to fight racism. More on that soon. But, I want to take those proceeds and donate to an organization that helps those living on the streets who are lucky to eat. The problem is that so many con-people out there want to take advantage. I need to find something that actually can get the food and other products to these starving people without jackals coming in and taking it.

I am not sure how to do this one, so any suggestions would be awesome.

While I’m very opinionated, to the point that I have lost friends, I actually care about people. And I do want to put my money where my mouth is, even though I am barely getting by. I don’t do it to be Politically Correct (PC), I don’t do it because the Obama Admin told me so, and threatened to paddle my bottom red if I didn’t. I am choosing to do this on my own because I WANT TO!!!

There are people in this world who will move the planet if only they had the ground to stand on. And I am seeking that ground as I build the hands to lift the world.

So, regardless of what you think of me, if you can help me with this quest, I’d really appreciate it. Because there’s no reason all social justice warriors can’t come together for the common good.

God bless, and peace!


I will be adding to the list of those I help as I write more stories. This is only the beginning…


WRITERS COPING WITH DEATH | How Inkslingers can Survive.

By Dale Szewczyk

First off, no one can tell you how to move on. Not even someone who has been where you are. No one will ever completely understand your pain a hundred-percent. No one has the right to tell you to get over your loss. Because there is no getting over your loss.
So, it has been years now, the vacancy of your family member or spouse still echos in the growing schism they left. You don’t know what to do with yourself. One thing you have going for yourself is that you’re a writer. Of course non-writers can use writing to heal as well. But for writers this is a skill that comes natural.

I’ve lost a family member to murder which has left a lasting scar on my family, a different pain than say a spouse. But I know to a point what it is like to have your life turned upside down and left there. I am a Christian, but whether or not you believe in God doesn’t change the fact that we people need advice that we can take away.

The person you lost is a part of you. I am not going for a New Age view, I mean that a part of their character is in you. By blood or by vows. They’re tied to you. As a writer, you can take this pain and write. Let that one who was taken from you be your permanent muse. Write for that person, and write for the person who can to a point understand your pain. Even if you write horror fiction. Write what you know will sooth the scar.

And speaking of scars, this scar will never leave, it is a beauty mark, a branding of that person on you. It will make you miss them more, but it is also a reminder that a part of that person is still with you. Still driving you forward. Let that scar become your muse that pulsates in your work and in your art.

No one makes your choices for you. You make your choices. You can make things a little better. You can feel alive again.

Feel free to add your self-help in the comments! Although I’d hope it wouldn’t be alcohol and drugs, because that stuff is not really helping. Only a faux fix.

2 WRITING SECRETS That Will Make You More Professional


There are two habits that are great tools in helping you with a future and promising career in writing. Today I am going to talk about word count and outlining. I see many authors don’t like either, well I get that. But I also notice that most of the time it is because we complicate it. I say we, but I mean me. :^P

No big, we can’t help ourselves, we’re writers! Of course, we over-think everything. And yes, I mean me again.

So, if you’re a writer and you’re struggling, there are a few things I can suggest. In this post, I am going to tackle two things. And I am going to tell you in easy, bite size tips on how you can improve your productivity.

Yes, there are writers like Lee Child, Stephen King and Dean Koontz who don’t outline. But they find other ways to keep up with their stories, and they probably do more work than they need to, but it does work for them. I know that Koontz hand writes his book. He goes over every page around thirty times then moves on. After he is done he puts it into his old computer that is so old it has Word Perfect.

Point it is, he drafts the crap out of his stories so he is able to keep up with his story. But many writers think that outlining takes the magic out of it, or that outlining isn’t writing, and I am a little offended by that. In fact, the outline itself is writing, it is pantsing. Because no matter what you’re writing the ideas in your head at some point, and that is pantsing. And if you do it good, when you write your prose, you will have signposts that will redirect you The point of an outline is so that as you write, when you get lost you can get back on track. It helps to know where you’re going. At least have that safety net.

So, today I am going to use author team Sean Platt and Johnny B Truant from Sterling and Stone. These guys can write a 100K book from concept to published in 30 days. They can crank out over a million words in a year. They know their stuff. Sean and Johnny have what is called a beat system. I am just going to show you the basics of this system, but if you want to see it in action I recommend their video series on beats, or their Fiction Unboxed series.

Simple Synopsis-

Here you will write your idea for your story from beginning to end or as close to the end as you can. No worries you can always come back to write more.

Rough Story Arc-

Here you will take what you know, tighten it up a bit or expand on it. You might want to add subplots as well.

Elevator Pitch-

Here you will write a paragraph or two about your synopsis.

Single Sentence-

A single sentence of your synopsis.

Then we move onto character beats Which you will use a picture, be it an actor you like for the character, a family member, any face that relates to your character. Then you will fill out all the deets about your character. Granted, things like eye color are important, but here what is most important is their back stories, their narrative, their family, their goals, and what is it they have invested in the story. You can design the layout of the sheets how you feel is best.

And then there is location beats. Here you go location scouting if you have some interesting locations in your story. Google is great for this, but you can also go about your town or vacations and take your own pictures and use them as well. Whatever floats your goat. And then the beats, well tell about these locations. You can keep it brief or go into detail, but also write about things that you will include in your story. It is okay to write more than you will use.

Finally, there is the story beats. Here you will write a few hundred words about each scene or chapter in your story. I do it per scene. And do this through to the end. Then when you are happy with your beats, get to writing your prose! And although you have just written a lot, you are still able to keep it loose enough that you can still pants some. In fact, the beats serve as signposts to bring you back to the track. Where you go in between is entirely up to you.

And as for word count, I do anywhere from 500-2,500 words a day. Some days I get none in. But I am always working on keeping that word count. I really want 3,000 word days, at least on my off days. But hey, we make do. The point is, no matter how hard life gets, we need to acquire a discipline of some kind. Maybe you can only write a 100-350 words a day. Okay, awesome! You’re writing! That is what’s most important here. You’re making word-sauce!!!!

Alright I hope this helps some of you out there. I kept it general for you all to make your own, and if you want to see Sean and Johnny in action don’t forget to check out their videos. They also do a lot of specials and sometimes give away free advice. Especially on their self publishing podcast on Youtube and their personal site.

Have a good one, and feel free to post your feedback below.

Bub bye!

Here is a video Sean was going to use for a free series but ended up making an awesome series in which you must pay for. Which I would have done the same thing in his shoes. I haven’t seen their Fiction Unboxed, but based on the advertisements and what I  know about these guys from their books, it is well worth the price. But here is a video on beats.

MAKING YOUR BRAND – Being a Serious Self-Publishing Author

From the blog, MACWOOD’S:


No matter what you write, you must write what you are passionate about. If you are passionate about writing about sparkling vampires, yes that is probably what you should write, although you might want to see if there are other areas you have interest, hehe. A writer has to write about their passion if they want their work to be taken serious.

I use to write horror for the point of scaring people. It was fun!!! And while I enjoyed it, there was more I needed to write. Because when I first got into writing I wanted to write about real issues that we all face, that we all witness, things that make up who we are as people. I wanted to write about real things in fiction form. Even if I write a superhero story, or zombies, I need write about real things that we all can relate to. But I also wanted to write stories with heart, and something not only comes from my mind, but the other point of view on things.

We live in a world where a lot of times there are two sides. And I always see the things that are not one of two. Sure as a Christian I know there are things that fall under one or the other, God or the devil, but I am talking about smaller things.

  • Like love. 
  • Right and wrong. 
  • Injustice. 
  • Hope.

So many things that we only see one or the other, when the answer is often in the middle somewhere, or way off in the outfield. As a writer, and one with an opinion and feelings I have to write about what presses on my soul.

I am trying to keep it short about me, there are more posts on that, but I wanted to show an example. The thing is, you must write what you love. Even if it goes against me as a person, I support your right to write about what you love. As a fellow writer I respect you for writing from your heart. I respect your honesty and heart. Of course if you write about hating others, and come up with stories that supports that through-line, I will respect your honesty, but that is all because I hate, hate. And you will be a muse in my stories :^D

But overall, and I am talking to the average writer, write from your heart. You have this gift, use it!

See, we authors-especially as self-publishing authors-need to make ourselves as brands. And if we are honest about who we are, and about our work people will like us and want to check out our books. You need to be true to you, and who you want to be.

Who are you?

What stories do YOU want to tell?

Figure this out, and make it your brand. But I will tell you this, make sure you write about heart. Make your writing come to life, and thrive in the minds of your readers!

How about you, anything you want to add about creating author brand? Feel to share in the comments!


SO YOU SELF PUBLISH? Make Sure to get an Awesome Cover!


From the blog, MACWOOD’S:

Like it or not, folks judge a book by the cover. It is a worn out cliche. I love a good cover to match a good story. But if it is a bad story with a great cover I look at the book as a lie. The thing is, if you want to be taken serious as a self publishing author, you need to play like a pro, you need to be the author as well as the publisher. Self explanatory I know.

Now that we Indie authors are becoming a force to be reckoned with as top names grow on our side, we fast run out of excuses for acting like a virgin. The above are two covers to a work in progress. One is a few months old (your left), the other is a few days old (your right). The first one was done on old software that took a dump. The second was done on Gimp. I went to youtube and watched a turtorial and got an idea then poof, here came the second cover.

I have some others much better than the first one, but none of them touch the second version. I wanted to show the difference between a bad cover and a good cover. You see, your cover is not only art, but the window into your story. It is the representative of your tale. You not only have to write one heck of of a story, but you also have to get the editing, but then you need an outstanding cover. But… maybe you don’t do covers, so now what?

Well you can hire me for a flat rate of $30 bucks to do one for you which that fee will go into the editing fund for my stories, or you can spend some real money and go to this site here!

Basically 99Designs has a team of cover designers who compete for your cover, you pick the one you like most, and that is your new cover. I haven’t tried this yet, although at some point I’d like to. If you cannot afford $300 bucks to start with, no problem, I will gladly do your cover for the $30. Either way, but you do need a good cover. Even if you don’t go with me or 99Designs.

Make sure to make your book as awesome as it can be, because you are the publisher of your book.

Feel free to add your input on cover design.