STOP Getting in Your Way, and Move On! Lets Talk Inspiration

Lost In Paperwork

By Dale Szewczyk

There are so many obstacles in the fight to the top, but the biggest antagonist standing in our way is always ourselves. We’re never going to be perfect, there are some challenges we may never beat, however, weaknesses is programmed in our DNA. That doesn’t mean we can’t achieve our goals. I know there are going to be some issues I am going to have to deal with like one deals with an incurable disease. But so often I let those issues hinder me. It’s a weakness that needs to go. One thing we can focus on, is our energy in a commitment to lay waste to said weakness; we can, in fact, defeat it and move on.

We need to stop saying we can’t do what we need to do, and look for ways we can do it. Don’t tell me how I can’t, tell me how I can.

My life is the push to motivate me to keep goals, but writing is the goal the that continues to pull me, and will keep pulling me. Push is like infatuation, but the pull is like love. Push alone won’t make it, but enough to boost you into action is great, then you let the pull carry you. That pull will carry you for years to come. Always have pull so you can’t fail. Make that infatuation love. Keep it hot by adding more fuel that makes it run.

I say this not because I am Mr Enthusiastic, I’m not. Today, it’s been a rough day. Mainly because of burn out. Not in what I want in life, but in the push itself. My reason, for moving on, is also like a tumor. It has conditioned me over the years, so adding to the battle of self I am now dealing with psychology. BUT, psychology can be reprogrammed. Ah, science. God’s gift to mankind. I’ve said before that science is a small window into God’s creation, and we’re learning more about it all the time. I love science, and I love using it to improve.

Another thing that is psychological is our perception. This takes a lot of work, but I think of it like trying to turn a space ship around when it is falling apart and wants to break down out in the middle of the universe. Although I don’t know where the middle is, and I don’t even see the stars. It’s like I’m lost in the Delta Quadrant. BUT, I’m beating on the engine with a hammer, and the occasional headbutt and slowly but surely I’m turning this beast around.

The problem with psychology is that it shows us where the self gets in the way. Even if we have a right the current perception or not, if it’s our antagonist, it needs to be defeated. The bad guy can have a point of view, after all. So we need to change it, and that can take time.

Young secretary writing with an old typewriter.


  • Perception is like a spaceship that needs to be turned around even though it’s on par with moving a planet and breaks down in sub-space where no one can hear you scream. But it can be done.
  • The Self is the antagonist that fights the good in us from improvement, and needs to be donkey-kicked into a fusion reactor followed by a snarky pun.
  • The suck of our life provides the push which can be like infatuation, and that leads to goals, which is love that pulls us. Like every other important relationship, it takes work, although it’s a labor of love.
  • You can do it! I said… YOU CAN DO IT! Yeah, if I can say that even without being Mr. Sunshine, then that means I must believe it. Anyone can be all pip and cheer when the chips are up, but when they’re down we need to continue in faith. I love science, and I use it, but faith masters science. And it works with science as it affects our perception. We all have faith in something, right? Well, we can make it work when we keep faith.

Do you think Tony Robbins would have made it without faith? Zig Ziglar, who started out, not being a success? We need to stop making excuses, pluck our thumbs from our mouths, and light that antagonist on fire (not literally) and move the heck on with our lives! This is not a spectator sport, and we need to be stubborn enough to not quit. Use it for something good! I can be hard headed (waits for someone to disagree… crickets) so I use it. Use the gifts God gives you.

By the way, I am a realist to a point. I know the outcome of my future from a broad point of view, I am not happy-go-lucky, I am just too darn stubborn for my own good and I plan doing what I can to carve out my dream. I will need to be stopped dead in my tracks either by God or another force. But whatever will stop me if anything stops me will not be me.

My thoughts and how I am positive, feel free to add your own ideas in the comments! Sound off and be heard!





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