WRITING SECRETS that they Don’t Want You to Know

bondBy Dale Szewczyk

Sounds so clandestine, doesn’t it? Right up there with CIA-style BS. Well, the title of this post is BS because writer secrets are meant to be known thus not being a secret. You see, there are few hard and fast rules for writing, and the few rules that are hard and fast should go without saying.

The first rule of writing is… you don’t talk about writing! Kidding, you can talk about it, BUT you gotta own it! Write yo stuff. I know, crazy huh? Make a lovely batch of wordsauce every day that you can. Some days may not work out, okay. But try as much as possible to shoot for every day.

Look I get it, you’re busy, and you know what, I’m busy too. We all get the same hours in a day, and we all have valid excuses for not writing. But writing is not for chumps. Maybe for chimps, but only the chimps who write.monkey-not-listening

Next rule, love writing! Make it a part of you, if you’re a writer it already is a part of you. But realize this fact and live it! If you ever make money at writing (which you will if you stick to it), odds are you love what you are writing.

I am a fiction author mostly, but in order to pay bills I am learning how to do other things, like write White Papers for businesses. Boring stuff, and yes it will pay the bills as I good at it, but of course I am not giving up on my stories. In fact, while I am studying White Papers, I am also writing my novella, REFUGE. Before I start working the business angle, I want at least one book to my name under my Flint Macwood pen name. And I will still try to do both. Of course if I get a lot White Paper assignments, I won’t turn them down, that’s living money right there, which means enough of that and no more fast food. But, I know I can own this with my fiction. I just gotta keep at it.

Look, this true for us all. We need to stick to writing like like we need to stick with our spouses, and make it awesome in spite of life. It takes work! It is commitment.

One super secret: read… a lot and read deep! Read fiction in all genres, and read non-fiction.

The top secrets are nothing special. Sure we can talk our secrets as we become successful, but we’re all wired differently. We might cut and paste some ideas from each other, but we need to forge our own way of making it, and the basics are the same.

Feel free to add your own secrets for success in the comments!



Lately, I have adjusted how I write.

I switched up my sleeping schedule which, for the most part, is working for me. I also decided to outline my entire catalog before releasing one book. I have what is called, launch plans. In each launch, I have two-three titles. I want to have more than one book ready to release each time I hit my launch. I will space out the books, but they will drop as close to each other I can get away with.

In this field, there’s always something different you can do. Always some experimenting. Try out different ideas, at least on paper. You never know what you might come up with.




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