TIME TO BECOME AN EQUALIST | Fight the Hate by Living Your Walk


By Dale Szewczyk

In case you caught what I just said in my title, I created a word. And it is a good word. A wonderful word that atheists and Christians, Liberals and Conservatives can get behind. I see many liberals thinking they are all for equal rights, well, some of them are. Not very many. You see, being an equalist has nothing to do with a political party. Anyone can be one. I am so much an equalist that I am pro-life! I am pro-baby and pro-woman. I am also a believer in that the constitution supports gay rights. And no, I am not an agent for the *cue spooky thriller-like music* Gay Agenda Agency. Aside from chasing homophobes around my workplace (with my arms open for a hug) on occasion, I am straight, I am a Christian who does believe what the Bible says. I am also an American who can read the Constitution. I got skillz, yo.

The thing is, you can be a real Christian and respect the choices of others. You can say, “while my faith condemns gay marriage, it’s America, and you have the right to live how you choose so long as it does not hurt or kill anyone (hence why even an atheist can be pro-life, like this post-abortive young lady who is my hero).” You can believe that women can have jobs, can be bosses, can make just as much as the man, can lead a country. We are not the old Jewish culture of Moses’ day, we’re Gentiles.

Gays are no different than straights, for the most part. They can’t help their attraction any more than you can help yours. What they do with that attraction is their free choice, just as falling into straight lust is our choice. Just as not accepting Jesus is a choice. We have what is called limited free will. We have the right to choose our lifestyles. Unless it takes the life of another (and when that act is legal, that is called eugenics). Two men who are married are not hurting anyone, and, in fact, are often times much kinder than those who play politics and wish to take their rights away.

Now that I have ticked everyone off, I am not done. Hehe.
Christians have many denominations and many different ideas among those denominations. I prefer to keep it simple and to the point of the original message. But there is a growing number that hate others. Like this guy. Who by-the-way should either join Westboro or the KKK. Both groups think that they’re Christian. I won’t go into detail the context of love in the Bible (I do so many times on my FB profile, and at some point I will write about love from the Christian point of view). The point is this, if you are for equality, you need to support the freedom of choice so long as it does not hurt another person. That being said…

…both the gays and the Christians need to stop attacking each other. So a bakery won’t bake a cake for a gay couple that is going to get married. Go to a bakery that will bake the cake. Vote with your dollar, don’t make a scene on the news and drive some Christian, elderly couple out of business. That does not make you an equalist, that makes you an oppressor. A bully. Same is said for the reverse. Lets say you’re a gay couple, you have your own bakery and you refuse to bake cakes for straight couples, totally your call as a business. I mean either side could bake the cake and give the customer the tools to design the words, and the decorations, and let them make it their way. But what-ev.

Personally as a writer I will write about gay characters who are bullied by the church who give their lives to their the Lord. Again ticking off both camps. People make a religion out of their pious opinions, and I am that guy checking all sides with a love tap upside the noggin’.

As a Christian, I know the world will take issue with me, but I want it to be for the right reasons, the reasons that are found in the Bible, not because I’m a jerk. I can be a jerk at times, and I hate that. I do. But I am also an equalist. I believe in love. I believe that no matter your color, sexuality, gender, faith or lack thereof, you have rights same as me. I believe you can live your life how you choose, so long as you don’t hurt or kill anyone.

Do I believe in Christ Jesus? Yes. Do I believe He is coming soon? You betcha! Do I believe that without accepting Christ and following Him we’re doomed? Absolutely!!!! Do I believe in bullying others to make converts (I shouldn’t even have to answer this) HECK NO!!!!

Some of the worst bullies are those who have been bullied, I know of such person, he started on me at a very early age (two-years-old, one of my earliest memories, and he still bullies).

I am opinionated. I am vocal. I am not one to fit into your box, I set fire to your box and play a fiddle (not very well, I never learned how to play). But I love you. Not like that, I am happily taken by a gorgeous woman, so stop blushing. I mean I love you as Christ loves you. Meaning that if you were hurting in some way, I’d try to do my best to help you. I want you to succeed in life, I want you to be a part of my family, but I know you have the right to choose your life.

I am walking this topic, who will join me? Who will put action to their words? Who will lead by example? Who here can say more by loving acts, than condemning words?

A challenge to everyone of every faith or belief system. Lets change the world a little by living up to our ideas of who we are.

God bless! And group hug! Assuming you’re a hugger. And hugs are open to all sides.

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