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Dale Szewczyk (Sev-check) the man behind Flint Macwood
Dale Szewczyk (Sev-check) the man behind Flint Macwood

So, when does a self-published writer make it big? Well, it depends. But for most? Give it ten years. Right now, I am outlining a bunch of my works so I can drop titles at a reasonable rate when I do release my first book. I want to have something available for the reader to check out if they liked my book. I can’t just upload a book when I am done. Not only does it need some editing, but it also needs a great cover. those two things alone are very expensive. And the covers can be even more pricey if I invite some of the artists I really want. At for a couple of the covers.

Basically, before I release one title I will have a marketing strategy in place. I don’t just want to publish, I want to gain my 10K readers. And that starts the moment I release book one. Even for the charity titles. It all works on my brand. I make nothing off some of my books when they are released, but it will bring readers to my book list, And if they decide to read my other books, I need to have something to offer them. If they don’t they still read the charity works which helped others. The platform needs to be there either way.

I am shaping my brand even before I release my books, even on my personal profile. I am getting to the heart of who I am as a person, and as a writer. Because a writer must be themselves, and sell who they are. Which is why honesty is so important. One of many reasons why I am honest even if I lose friends. I’d rather the right people stick around. I want to narrow the focus of my readers and even my friends.

I want my friends and readers to accept me and read from me because they know me, and care about what I have to offer. But how can anyone do that if I wasn’t honest?

Writing is about sharing your soul. Even if you write really silly stories in worlds that don’t exist. Characters drive stories, and those characters live inside of you. Make the best of them, own them, and share them. Make your platform, and go forth into the publishing wilderness. But always be true to who you are, only change when enlightenment demands it.

If you have anything you’d like to add, feel free to leave a comment! I want to hear from you.

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