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By Flint Macwood

As I write the beats for my upcoming novella, REFUGE, which takes place during the American Civil War, a racial calamity is transpiring in our very generation at this very moment.

I am sure most of you have heard the events going on in Ferguson, Missouri. It is beyond tragic although I say that from a different point of view.

CNN reported the case as officer Darren Wilson gunning down a black teenager. Almost right off the bat every one jumped on the white verses black train. Not caring one bit WHY Michael Brown was shot dead. Because what we read in the news is not always true, and no matter how much truth is in a headline the event will always hold more perspective than the snippets we read about.

Regardless of which person here you back, we must not back either based on race, for THAT is racist. No matter where we stand, we must stand on love, justice and the facts. Anyways I won’t get into my soap box like I did on Facebook. But my point is, as far as we have come as a nation and in equality, we are digressing in other ways.

One quote I like to say all the time is that the more we change, the more we stay the same. Sure the things we use change, the slang, languages, some minor points of view, but basically we are the same.

Look throughout history. Look at the good, the bad and strange. Look at governments, look at how people have treated each other and why. Look at the reasoning behind evil acts. We are no different than most societies. Don’t get me wrong, there is a lot I love about America, but so much of who we are as a nation is nothing more than a repeat of the past because we don’t learn from history.

People are always quick to say, “I care!” but hold their hearts to the fire and you will see their true selves. The fact is, almost everyone has their own right and wrong, and a lot of the times that is dependent on what the majority says. If the majority says that Michael Brown was a black teenager gunned by a white racist cop–in a time where police brutality climbs and so does the deaths of blacks, and yes even innocent blacks that did not deserve it nor was it any kind of justice–then that is the Pipe Piper that everyone follows in spite of who gets hurt.

So, as a person who is taking Darren Wilson’s side, where exactly do I stand?

I stand on the side of those who are treated unfairly. I do not care about skin color. Your skin pigment does not give you more or less rights than me, to say it does is an insult to us both and that would make you racist.

The fact of the matter is, all men and women are created equal.

The fact is when a grown man (eighteen is grown) continues to assault a cop, they are taking their life into their own hands They are play Russian Roulette. Attacking a cop is a crime as well it should be. A cop’s number one goal is to get home alive. The second is to protect and serve. I learned this from a cop in one of my criminal law classes, which this goal should be obvious. What if you were the cop?

What happened when Wilson shot and killed Michael Brown in what Wilson claims to be self defense (I have not seen adequate evidence to support that he is lying, so far it looks like he is a victim of a witch hunt) is that very moment the life of a young man ended due to a shaky upbringing because he knew nothing else other than the criminal life he was raised in (as so many are tragically) and the life of Darren Wilson was turned upside down.

Had Michael Brown been white there never would have been rioting or protests. Some would have cared but not near as many. The opposite of how it was back in the 1800’s.

And this is my whole point, who are we as a people (one people, one race) today? Do we understand that in terms of skin pigment there is nothing to tolerate, but to love? Are we so brain dead that we cannot see that we are various shades and tones that make up a bouquet of elegance? Are we so far gone that we cannot learn from what this country has done to one group or the other in regards to oppression and faux equality?

We The People have done amazing things, and unequivocally evil things. We know better as America seeing that we fought the British in the late 1700’s for freedom and equality. We should have got this right from the get go, instead we have been the very worst.

Reading through the Civil War, I am brought to tears. The lunacy and madness of men who thought they could not only make another person property and treat that said property anyway they felt is horrific. And it is obvious. It is spelled out for us across the pages of history. However, when We The People do it in other ways, we justify it, just like those back in the late 1800’s. Are we really any better? How far will we take it? Will whites end up going through the exact thing the blacks once did, and in some ways still go through?

People need to realize as Martin Luther King Jr once said, injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. This is true for all of us. King was not a well supported man of his time, but today is regarded as a hero. Many of us from all sides even those who are racist love the man and quote him. But King never would have supported a mob action on the innocent business owners of Ferguson, nor would he have supported the mob attack on the character of Wilson. If Wilson is truly guilty of everything that has been said about him, then yes justice needs to be served. But the evidence needs to back it up.

King wanted equality because he knew all too well about oppression, and being treated less than human over the pigment of skin. We all should learn from him, but of course we continue to be horrible to one another, compounding the racial divide further.

The fact is, the more I see the past the more I see the future. We will always enslave and war with one another, the reasons may flip and change, but the acts against each other will always repeat. We are all slaves to this primitive way of life. Unless of course we can evolve into something better as one race.

We will see, I am not holding my breath.

Anyways, I am not trying to be a downer here, but people need to wake up if there is to be any hope for the future. We need to treat each other as we want to be treated. We need to give the same attitude to everyone we want given to us. Because if Darren Wilson is innocent, the man already has lost his career as a cop. It’s not safe for him to go out. His life will never be the same. And the worse it gets for Wilson, will be on those who support this kind of injustice.

Stick to the evidence, and protest in peace. And by that, you will be the very example you wish to make happen in the world. Be the evidence that some people are good, and some people do care, and not every one wants to oppress and war.

God bless, and keep all comments classy. Trolls will be exterminated.


After writing this, I feel I need to mention a couple of things. One is that I will be posting more on why I love history, and how it impacts us today. I also want to address that while I have defended Darren Wilson I have done so in respect to the fact we do not know that he shot Michael Brown in cold blood, or that he did so out of racial hate. If those two things can be proven, I will change my view and peacefully protest against him. Because both of those things are horrible and inexcusable.

There a few things that bugged me about Wilson’s news interview, but I don’t know at the facts. Only that some things seemed a little off. What I do know is, if he is telling the truth about fearing for his life, and Brown did charge him, whether or not Wilson could have taken Brown out in a non-lethal manner may not have entered his mind. If Wilson was in the wrong, could have been he reacted instead of thinking. Not to be cold blooded, not to be racial; but possibly out of sloppiness. Maybe.

A stupid cop is not the same as an evil cop. Making a huge mistake is not the same as hating someone based on color. I say if he is guilty of anything, let him be tried on the actual crime he is guilty of.

And is it any surprise that one of my novellas I will write will based on a similar situation as Ferguson? A chiral reflection of REFUGE.